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Your Right to Security

Secure locking

You have a right to feel safe and secure in your home. We take that right very seriously, so you'll find that the products we fit are designed to keep you safe. It's why you'll find important elements designed in as standard, not offered as an optional extra.

Steel Reinforcement

Take steel reinforcement as an example. A window or door without it won't look any different, but how well will it stand up to attack? Yet we know several leading makes that just leave it out to work down to a price. We don't think that's acceptable, and our customers agree. So there's a robust, fully-anchored steel frame keeping everything rigid and resistant to jemmying or brute-force pressure. As an added bonus, it also makes your new fittings more solid, so they last longer and keep their performance throughout. It's one of the factors behind our 15 year warranty.

The importance of that reinforcement is underlined in the test below. It shows the Elitis TSL lock being tested to destruction. Not only does the locking system exceed the capacity of the test rig, but notice how the window structure itself resists entry even after the locking system finally breaks.


Sound Construction

Window bolts

All of our glazing is toughened or laminated. Breaking glass is unpopular with burglars as it's noisy - but several have also been injured when bricks have bounced back from toughened glass and hit them! I'm sure we're all deeply sympathetic...

But on some types of window it's not an issue as the glazing panes can be simply levered out using a screwdriver. That won't work with Elitis as all of our windows and glazed doors are internally beaded.

Quality Locking

Lock diagramLook carefully at the locks on any product you're offered. If they seem cheap and flimsy then look elsewhere. There's been a rise in recent years of "lock bumping". This involves a modified key that the thief inserts into the lock, taps it two or three times with a hammer and simply opens your door. So-called unpickable locks can be beaten in seconds using the technique, and YouTube is full of turorials telling people how to do it! So one important question to ask is whether your door locks are bump-resistant.

Secured By Design

Secured by Design

One way you can be sure of security is to opt for the police-backed Secured by Design specification. This certificate requires the locking to satisfy rigorous independent tests. We offer Secured by Design as standard on many of our products, and it's a low-cost option on the remainder.

Secured by Design takes the standard Elitis security level - which is already well above the vast majority of competitors - a stage further by adding higher security locks and features like additional locking bars on the hings side of a door or window.

Why Would Secured by Design be Optional?

Although the Secured by Design specification adds susprisingly little to the cost of a single door or window, when that small extra is applied to a whole house it can add up to a tidy sum. And, frankly, it's not necessary in a great many cases. All of our products come with class-leading security anyway, and their steel-reinforced structure makes them extremely resistant to unauthorised access. An inaccessible window in plain sight of neighbours and passers-by is highly unlikely to receive the extended attack necessary to break through its standard defences.

We want you to be secure, but we don't want you to spend money unnecessarily. So we'll give you experienced advice on how to protect vulnerable areas without driving up the cost.