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Period Style



Warm, Secure and Beautiful

Isn't that how you want your home to be?

Replacement windows in rosewood with leaded panes

If you're thinking of replacement windows then you've probably already realised that making the right choice isn't necessarily straightforward.You'll be looking for energy efficiency, of course, but that seems to be the promise of every windows company you look at. Are all windows the same?

Then there's security. You have a right to feel safe in your own home, so what should you be looking for?

And finally there's the look of the thing. You want your home to look good - why wouldn't you? And if your property has a period appearance then it would be completely wrong to spoil it with ultra-modern windows. That's not a problem of course - we can show you all sorts of designs and options, so you're sure to find what you're looking for.

But you're never going to find all the answers you need on a website. We'll give you some good background information so that you're not competely in the dark, but you need a face-to-face chat with someone knowledgeable who won't be pressuring you to sign an order.

Ultimately, what you need is a helpful installer you can trust. We'll certainly do all we can to help you; as for trust, take a look at what our customers say about us. Then get in touch and make your own judgement.

Time for a Change?

Replacement Windows - before and after

This before and after picture from one of our installations speaks volumes about what new windows will do for your property. The old wooden frames had been repainted regularly, so actually weren't in bad shape, but the wood was deginitely deteriorating and in grave need of renovation and painting. The new Elitis Sculptor windows are maintenance-free, guaranteed for 15 years, and look perfectly in keeping with the character of the house. But with A+ energy rating and high-security locking, they're a really practical improvement.


Gallery Spotlight

Sensitive Modernisation

This large, traditional farmhouse installation called for careful choice of style to avoid spoiling the character of such a handsome building. We used the simplicity of Elitis Linear and...

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Mike did an amazing job of replacing our windows. Really professional and excellent work

Laura Moore, Sandbach

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Elitis 15 year warranty

Why Choose Elitis?

We're an official Elitis installer, and we're proud of that fact. Not only is it a fantastic range of products, but we can count on the best, personal support from a manufacturer who shares our values.

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Saving Energy

A+ Energy Rating Tag

All Elitis windows come with an A or A+ rating for energy efficency, as evidenced by their named and registered energy tags.

These tags are important and should be examined with care. Click the button below for more guidance.

Energy ratings

Strong Security

Secure Windows

We'll never compromise on security. That's why every Elitis window is fitted with extra security features so that you can be confident that your home is safe.

Security features

Enjoy Choosing

Windows in a choice of colours and finishes

Chossing your new windows should be part of the pleasure. And there's plenty of choice on offer, with an unbeatable range of colours, finishes, frame styles and glazing options to make your home as unique as you want it.

Choosing windows