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Pride in Our Work

Just about every picture you see on this site is taken from an actual installation. They might not look as sleek and glossy as the brochure images you'll see elsewhere, but we think you want to see what we actually do, not something carefully set up in a photographic studio.

This page shows you a sample of our work. We hope one day to be able to add your installation to the gallery!

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Sensitive Modernisation

This large, traditional farmhouse installation called for careful choice of style to avoid spoiling the character of such a handsome building. We used the simplicity of Elitis Linear and added glazing bars to create the small panes you see here. Matching French doors complete the picture.


Orangeries are In!

Orangeries are becoming increasingly popular. They bring the freshness and light of a normal conservatory, but the extra brickwork gives a sense of solidity.


Striking Entrance

This beautiful, solid Elitis Gallery composite door looks spectacular in its deep, rich wood-effect finish. The Elitis Linear stained-glass windows each side complete a superb-looking entrance.


Interesting Shape

This customer was looking for a large, striking conservatory, but needed clear access alongside it for access to the back garden. Rather than compromise on inside space, we built this "cut-off" cornered design. Not only does it give the space the customer wanted, it gives the conservatory added interest, both inside and out.


Period Style

This early 20th century house has been modernised with Elitis windows without compromising the period look of the property. An Elitis Gallery door completes the effect.


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The Heritage Advantage

Mr Barker with his new 50" TV

Mr Barker with his prize of a 50" TV

Heritage customer Larry Barker (right) came up trumps when one of his Elitis authenticity tags popped up in the tag draw. Here he is receiving his spanking new 50" LED television from Heritage MD, Mike Senior.

Are you a winner?