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Striking Entrance


Energy Rated Windows

Money and the Environment

They both need saving

Tags like the one above have become a familiar sight when you're buying household appliances like fridges or cookers. They're very useful when comparing products, and they perform a similar function on our windows, doors and conservatories. The ratings are awarded by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRFC), an independent body that supplies a consistent rating system across the industry.

All our Elitis products bring you at least an 'A' rating; many achieve the absolute top A+ standard. We'll be happy to show you the ratings labels for the components of your installation - in fact you should ask for them as a matter of course.

Checking the Energy Rating Labels

Is the Manufacturer Named?

You should see a manufacturer's name on the label. If there's no name then there's a strong possibility that you're not being offered tated products. If you see a manufacturer's name, does it tie up with the product you're being offered? All of our Elitis products come with their own, serial-numbered markings, and you'll see the manufacturer's name on every rating label.

Is the Certificate Current?

The manufacturer has to maintain its energy registration, so look for an expiry date on the label. Be suspicious if it's not current!

While a correct and current energy rating label doesn't relate directly to quality, it's a useful guide that your windows, doors or conservatory have been properly made.


The Importance of Quality Installation

The advantages of an A or A+ energy rating can be completely negated by poor installation. It makes very little difference how efficient your windows are if there's a draught. It's easy to cover up a few gaps with sealant, but how weatherproof will that be ten years from now? We take extra care to do things properly, because that means you'll be a satisfied customer, and we don't lose time putting things right that should have been right in the first place. It's one of the reasons we can offer you our 15 year warranty.


How Much Might You Save?

To help you put things in perspective, the table below shows the typical savings for a gas-heated home in England.

Energy rating






A rated

£120 - £155

£80 - £110

£65 - £85

£55 - £75

£40 - £55

B rated

£110 - £140

£75 - £100

£60 - £80

£50 - £70

£35 - £55

C rated

£105 - £135

£75 - £95

£60 - £75

£50 - £65

£35 - £50

Source: BFRC. Based on fuel prices at March 2016



The Heritage Advantage

Mr & Mrs Slater with their new 50" TV

Mr & Mrs Slater with their prize of a 50" TV

Heritage customers Mr & Mrs Slater came up trumps when one of their Elitis authenticity tags popped up in the tag draw. Here they are with their spanking new 50" LED television.

Are you a winner?

CE Certification

CE Certificate Since 2013, it's a legal requirement for windows or doors to be CE-compliant. This is another important piece in the jigsaw to demonstrate to you that you're buying an authentic, certified product. We'll be delighted to give you copies of the certificates for your installation.