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Striking Entrance


Elitis window

Why Elitis?

While we're an independent company - and proud of it - you'll find that we nearly always recommend Elitis products for your installation. That's no accident, it's the result of careful evaluation of every option, backed by years of experience. Of all of the manufacturers we evaluated on the way to becoming official Elitis installers, this Stoke on Trent company provided - and still provides - an unbeatable balance of quality, price, value and support.

It's thanks to the great relationship we have with the Elitis guys that we can back our work with a 15 year warranty. That's important peace of mind for you, because your new home improvement is likely to be a sizeable chunk of money. You need to know that you're making a sound investment, and there's someone reliable ready to step in and put things right if there's a problem somewhere down the road.

Quality is the Money-Saving Option

Not that we expect a problem of course! In fact we make no secret of the fact that one strong factor in our choice of Elitis was that their products are so reliable and long-lasting. They're also significantly quicker and easier to install than most alternatives. That's good news for us, because it allows us to price competitively without any compromise on quality, and it's unlikely that we'll be losing valuable time in remedial work later on.

But it's also great news for you. We can't promise you the cheapest quote - there's always someone ready to cut corners. But you're smart enough to know that the cheapest is rarely the best choice, and it's unlikely you'll find better quality or value. We can price competitively because we know that Elitis quality keeps us profitably busy. We're a nice enough bunch of guys, but if we're out of your way quickly and you don't need to bring us back to fix something, we suspect you'll be well pleased!


Thank you for the attention to detail, the quality of products and work and particularly the pleasant attitude your team applies to the...

Mr & Mrs Radford, Northwich

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Gallery Spotlight

Interesting Shape

This customer was looking for a large, striking conservatory, but needed clear access alongside it for access to the back garden. Rather than compromise on inside space, we built this "cut-off"...

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The Heritage Advantage

Mr & Mrs Slater with their new 50" TV

Mr & Mrs Slater with their prize of a 50" TV

Heritage customers Mr & Mrs Slater came up trumps when one of their Elitis authenticity tags popped up in the tag draw. Here they are with their spanking new 50" LED television.

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