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Orangeries are In!



The Best Room in the House

Conservatory interior

If you're tempted by a conservatory, but you're wondering if it's an extravagance, think about this: it's a completely practical addition to your home. It's not just a delightful summer space, it's a completely usable room all the year round. It'll be cheap to heat, thanks to top-flight insulation and, because your entrance to it will often be through a patio door, it'll have a wide opening. That makes an existing room much bigger, which is fantastic when you're entertaining guests. So don't think of it as a summer room, think of it as a playroom for the kids, a peaceful retreat to listen to your favourite music, an extra sitting room. It's all of these and more. And the value you add to your home may well mean it's a solid investment too!

Guardian solid-roofed conservatory

The Only Way to Top Our Conservatories

The roof is probably the most important part of the conservatory. It's also another area where you can be truly individual. It's worth taking the time here to tell you a bit about what tops all of our conservatories and orangeries

Ultraframe: The Biggest name in the Business

One of many reasons we choose to install Elitis products is because every component is the best you can get. When it comes to conservatory roofs, our friends in Stoke on Trent quickly decided that the best product on the market was the superb Ultraframe range. So, rather than re-invent the wheel, they partnered with Ultraframe to produce the Elitis Ultra conservatory range. Whether you go for a polycarbonate, glass or one of the new solid roofs, your conservatory will betopped-off with Ultraframe. And as anyone in the know will tell you, that's the best there is.

UltraSky Conservatory Roof

UltraSky Roof

UltraSky combines the substantial authority of a solid roof with the light airiness of glazing. A raised. glazed "lantern" in the middle of the roof lets in extra light and gives a bright, spacious feel. It's perfect for a flat-roofed conservatory or extension.



Another tour de force by Ultraframe, the RealROOF caps off your conservatory with a proper tiled roof, giving it an air of extra solidity and permanence.

RealROOF keeps conservatories warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Ultraframe LivinROOF


Combining the features of a glazed and a solid roof, LivinROOF features solid, thermally efficient aluminium panels, insulated with Kingspan slab insulation, interspersed with your choice of glazed panels to give ultimate flexibility.


Gallery Spotlight

Conservatory and French Doors

If you have the view, why not flaunt it! This conservatory backs out onto a stunning garden. The large windows and the French Doors make this conservatory light and airy with easy access...

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Mike installed windows and doors in our recently purchased property. The quality of the workmanship is superb - all doors and windows were...

Andrea Leach, Nantwich

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Saving Energy

A+ Energy Rating Tag

All our conserv­atories come with an A or A+ rating for energy efficency, as evidenced by their named and registered energy tags.

These tags are important and should be examined with care. Click the button below for more guidance.

Energy ratings

Strong Security

Secure Windows

We'll never compromise on security. That's why every one of our conservatories is fitted with extra security features so that you can be confident that your home is safe.

Security features

Hello Sunshine!

Glass roof conservatory

With all those solid and mixed roof styles we talk about on the left, you might ask what's happened to the standard glazed roof! Absolutely nothing of course, glass and polycarbonate roofs are still hugely popular and are often the most cost-effective way to a new conservatory.

But you need to choose carefully. The wrong roof can make your conservatory noisy in the rain or too hot to enjoy in the summer. We're always here to help you and show you how to get the extra room you're dreaming of.