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Aluminium Bifold Doors



Solid, Secure, Superb

When applied to replacement doors, the name 'Composite' simply means that the door's made from a mixture of materials. It's important you understand that fact, because all composite doors are by no means the same.

Our flagship product in this area is the Gallery Doors range. They're almost twice the thickness of most other composite doors, making them stronger, more robust and more energy-efficient.

They also have dual rebate closing. Put simply, that means the door seals on two faces rather than one. This gives a more positive seal, providing even better protection against draughts and water.

15 Year Warranty

If you watched the video above you'll have heard that Gallery composite doors come with a ten year warranty. That's pretty good, but we don't think it's quite good enough. With the full support of the manufacturer, we'll give you a comprehensive 15 year written warranty

Measurable Advantages

Comparing Door thickness

Gallery Doors are a full 70mm thick - that's almost double the thickness of many other composite doors. This is one of the factors that brings you class-leading thermal efficiency and also makes the door stronger to withstand intruders. It's also why Gallery composite doors close with such a satisfying 'thunk'!

dual rebate door sealDual Rebate Sealing

The door closure on Gallery doors seals on two faces rather than one. Our partners at Elitis tested the seal by putting the door in a tank full of water. While normal doors leak with just a couple of inches of outside build-up, the Gallery example withstood leakage almost as well as a purpose-designed flood-resistant door. Now that's efficient sealing!


Of course, if you live in a flood-prone area, we recommend you ask us about flood resistant doors.


Finesse Composite Doors

Finess Composite Door Range

If the budget won't quite run to the flagship Gallery composite door, then take a look at our Finess range. The thinking behind Finesse was to bring the advantages of composite door construction within the budget of people who're looking at top-quality PVCu.

That's not to say corners have been cut; Finesse doors are 44mm thick, compared with the 70mm thickness of Gallery. But that's still thicker by a large margin than the 28mm of standard PVCu doors. Then look at the sealing: yes, it's single rebate rather than Gallery's dual method. But that doesn't stop Finesse 300Pa test pressure for air permeability and water tightness and 1200 Pa for wind resistance in standard PAS 23/24 tests. As for choice, just like its range topping brother, Finesse comes in all the styles and finishes you could possibly ask for.

Secured By Design logo

Ultimate Security Built-In

Both our ranges of composite doors carry the coveted Secured by Design standard of protection for you and your family. That means locks that have been stringently tested and certificated, anti-jemmy bolts and extra locking lugs on the hinge side to resist just about any level of attack. The door itself is built around a solid core and reinforced with steel.

The Secured by Design mark is your assurance that your door's security has been tested and approved to official police standards. You can read more about the initiative here.


Strong Security

Secure Windows

We'll never compromise on security. That's why every one of our doors is fitted with extra security features so that you can be confident that your home is safe.

Security features

Enjoy Choosing

Windows in a choice of colours and finishes

Choosing your new doors should be part of the pleasure. And there's plenty of choice on offer, with an unbeatable range of colours, finishes and glazing options to make your home as unique as you want it.

Choosing doors