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Aluminium Bifold Doors



Choosing Your Doors

Gallery Door Range

What do you think of the doors above? See anything you like? Don't worry if you don't - that's the choice of styles for Elitis Gallery Composite Doors - just one of our ranges. And, of course, they all come in the colour and finish you like. And we haven't even started on the glazing options or the door furniture.

Choice is important for front doors, because it's your new front door that gives your home its "face". But it's also important when you're working around the rest of the house, for patio or kitchen doors for example.

That's OK. Choice is one of our specialities.

The Right Finish

All of our doors are available in a great range of colours and finishes in addition to the familiar PVCu white. That makes it easy for you to make your home stand out from the rest with an aspect that's truly personal.

We're particularly proud of NatureGrain, our fully 3D wood finish. It reproduces either painted or stained timber with an incredible authenticity. You'll seethe characteristic "shakes" of old oak or the close-grained lustre of fine rosewood. But you won't just see it, you can even touch and feel the grain. But, unlike wood, it never needs painting or sanding. That's because our finishes aren't just painted or sprayed on as are those of many windows. They're self-coloured coatings that, if scratched or chipped (which isn't easy in itself!), just show more of the same colour underneath.

NatureGrain Finishes

NatureGrain colour Swatches

We'd be surprised if you can't find what you like in our standard range, but if you want something special, just ask! We can get matches for almost every colour in the spectrum. And don't forget that you can even specify different colours and finishes for inside and out - how's that for flexibility?


Saving Energy

A+ Energy Rating Tag

All Elitis windows come with an A or A+ rating for energy efficency, as evidenced by their named and registered energy tags.

These tags are important and should be examined with care. Click the button below for more guidance.

Energy ratings

Strong Security

Secure Windows

We'll never compromise on security. That's why every Elitis window is fitted with extra security features so that you can be confident that your home is safe.

Security features