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Mike Senior, Heritage Managing Director

Hi, I'm Mike Senior

I'm the Managing Director of Heritage Home Improvements Ltd and I'd like to thank you for taking the time to find out about the company I founded back in 1999. Since setting up the business here in Sandbach I've seen a lot of windows companies come and go. And quite a few of them have reappeared a little later. That's not pointing blame - any company can have problems - but I've always felt strongly that anyone running a business should be in it for the long haul, however tough the going may get.

It's now 37 years since I started in the windows business. The first 15 of those years were spent actually manufacturing them, working from the shop floor into management. So I hope you won't think I'm being conceited when I say I know what's needed to make a quality product. It's that experience I brought to bear when I decided to set up my own company, and to find a supplier who would work with me as a partner, not just a manufacturer/supplier. And it's that experience that brought me to choosing, recommending and installing Elitis. They make the prodcuts I install the way I'd make them myself.

I'm proud of the fact that my company's been around for more than 22 years, and that I'm on friendly terms with my customers, many of whom have been with us almost since day one.

We're not a big organisation, in fact I never had ambitions in that direction. I'd rather run a small, profitable little business with a great reputation than make millions from a faceless giant that gives me no job satisfaction. And I get loads of that from what my little team and I do now. I like to meet my customers and help them to make the right decisions. And I love the fact that I'll be on friendly terms with them for years to come. Doing a job properly is easier in every way than trying to patch things up when they don't turn out properly!

I take personal responsibility for every piece of work we do. Every one of my customers knows that I'm just a phone call away, and that goes for you to, just for coming and looking at my website.

If you have any uestions, call me personally on 01270 768181. I'm always here to help.

Thank you again,

Mike Senior
Managing Director